Looking for your new travel destination? Want to spend your summer in Pakistan but make memories that will last forever! Bhurban may just be your next dream travel destination!

Bhurban is one of the most famous and beautiful hill stations of Pakistan and is situated near Murree. To reach this quaint place, one can take a 45-minute drive from Islamabad through dual Islamabad-Murree Expressway. The road to Bhurban passes through alpine and coniferous forests, and while the tall trees are a pleasure to behold, the fresh air is relaxing and refreshing. Bhurban is famous for its bewitching splendor and natural beauty. The enchanting mountains and the lush green forests of the area cast a magical spell on the visitors. The place is full of breathtaking locations that would make you fall in love with it.

The mountains of Bhurban have distinct magic about them. One becomes spellbound by the aura and charm they possess. Their scenic beauty is spectacular. The picturesque landscapes, green pastures, and terrains are spread all over. These sights are a gem and an absolute treat to watch. The summer climate of Bhurban is very mild and pleasant while the place receives heavy snowfall in winter.

The place boasts awe-inspiring sights to behold not only in spring or summers when the lush green pastures are in their full glory but also in winter when the place wears a blanket of white snow and looks absolutely majestic with pristine whiteness all around. In autumn, the place has a distinct aura with the tree leaves shaded with green, red and yellow colors and the nearby groves basking in the crisp sunlight makes it a sight worth-remembering for the rest of one’s life.

Beholding the sunrise or sunset at Bhurban is a splendid scene that would make you forget all your worries and takes all your stress away!

9 KMs from Bhurban is Murree which boasts scenic green mountains and snowcapped peaks, with a peaceful environment and natural beauty that is soul soothing. One can hike or trail through the nearby Ayubia National Park. The place is full of unique flora and fauna rarely found elsewhere in Pakistan. The place also offers an opportunity to explore the area by horse riding or hiking. One also gets a chance to enjoy the most thrilling chairlift ride near Patriata which is an adrenaline rush. The ride offers panoramic views of the majestic mountains and serene forests that surround Bhurban.

With its perfect picturesque scenery, Bhurban has been a popular go-to place for tourists since long. The atmosphere of this pleasant sanctuary with its outstanding blend of pure nature and alpine setting, blooming wildflower beds, unrivaled beauty of snow-covered mountains is sublime. The place has exotic beauty perfect to be one’s picture postcards.

Bhurban offers a relaxed weekend adventure, away from the mundane daily routine of ours. Whether you are a student who is worn out after exams, a youngster who wishes to explore the world with friends or any individual who wants to get a soothing vacation trip with the family, Bhurban is the right place for you. So, pack your bags and set out to explore this land of lofty peaks, tranquil forests and lush green terrains.