Bhurban is filled with lush green valleys, majestic mountains, and it’s the perfect place for an amazing family holiday. Here’s our favorite top 10 things you should definitely do when you visit Bhurban.

Kashmir Point

Kashmir Point is one most beautiful sight in all of Bhurban/ Murree. Enjoy the scenic view of mountains, snow peaks, green valleys, Alpine villages and gorgeous waterfalls! It is a must see specially during the winter season. Lovely weather and stunning views.

Patriata Chair Lift

Take a ride in the exhilarating chairlift between the Pindi Point in Murree to Patriata at an altitude of 7500 meters above sea level. This is a fun ride with breathtaking views and a guaranteed fun time!

Dunga Gali Pine Line Track

Explore the great big jungle with the scent of fresh pine trees and birds chirping taking you right into an adventure movie. This track is one of the oldest tracks but has been maintained adequately. Enjoy with your family & friends because this is a fun activity for all ages.

The Murree Mall

If you are going with the intention of shopping then you should definitely go on a weekday so that you can avoid the rush hours. There are a lot of shopping outlets and places to dine in.

Bhurban is worth visiting with your loved ones because you can choose from the numerous activities & sights to explore & enjoy.