International Hospitality Investment Group Starts Operations in Pakistan

With its commitment to investing USD 118 million in the tourism industry of Pakistan, International Hospitality Investment Group (IHIG) has started its operation in Karachi.

“Our first vacation system is called Happily” said Mr. Noorul Asif, CEO of IHIG. “We hope to bring happiness into the lives of the people of Pakistan”, he added during the launch among media presence at the venue.

While describing the brand name Happily, Noorul Asif said, “It is a combination of two words; Happy and Family. We have chosen this name because family bonding is the need of the day in Pakistan. Western culture is overshadowing our beautiful family system and we have to safeguard it”.

Now, families of Pakistan can spend their vacation together in Pakistan and also abroad to create a lifetime of memories with the cost-effective Happily vacation ownership system.

“IHIG founders have the right mix of experience to introduce vacation ownership system which is a new concept in Pakistan”, he said.He further stated that, Pakistan’s hotel industry is segmented. Top tourist destinations have guest houses as primary overnight stay option. Over the past 20 years, some hotel chains have expanded from main cities into tourist destinations.

He said, there is a definite need for international operators to create 4-star and 5-star resorts. IHIG is positioned to gain advantage of this opportunity.

IHIG is an organization which has already invested in the tourism of Pakistan.

Mr. Asif explained that IHIG has entered into the hotel industry in Pakistan by acquiring already build hotels, upgrade the facility with modern amenities and run them professionally at international standards.

While discussing the future prospect of his company he said that IHIG is also considering building their own hotels from ground up under a different brand name.